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Quality and innovation are our touchstones

Over 40 years experience

We are a Textile mill, specializing in the Knitting, Weaving, Waterproofing, Laminating and Finishing of Fabrics. Having a wealth of technical experience in these fields allow us to work closely with our Customers to  Custom Design fabrics to suit their respective fields, be it in Home textile, eg. Curtaining or the Mattress Industry. We continually find ways to be innovative and stay ahead of market trends.

We have built our business to incorporate all that we need in completed products from the knitting of fabric, waterproofing, quilting as well as the design and manufacturing of customised products for both the home and hospital industry. This process ensures that we are inputting high-grade materials into our assembly line, controlling product quality, solidifying workers’ safety, and standardising the output garment quality.

Our processes & products

As a Fabric manufacturer, we knit a variety of different materials which we then laminate using a Ureamax TPU membrane. The materials include bamboo, cotton and spun polyester. We knit the various yarns into either terry towel, single jersey or a stretch knit depending on your preference. The membrane is waterproof, highly breathable, baby safe, dust mite repellent and non-toxic. The laminate itself is also environmentally safe, and biodegradable.

This waterproofing process is a unique feature to Fibre 2000 is, in fact, the only company in South Africa who chooses to use a solvent-free waterproofing process. This process involves the use of a Ureamax TPU (Thermoplastic Membrane) which is both breathable and waterproof. This hydrophobic material allows moisture to be absorbed and wicked away from the body. Fibre 2000 is the only company waterproofing their fabrics without solvents, formaldehyde, or carcinogenic properties which may be found in other waterproofing processes.

We have created a bamboo range of home ware for health and quality purposes because there is an unparalleled list of benefits to a bamboo product. While there might be controversy surrounding the processing of bamboo yarn, we are proud to be one of the few companies who use a bamboo yarn which is free from solvents and other harmful chemicals. Our Yarn is produced mechanically, the bamboo is crushed and the natural fibres are combed out and spun into yarn. The material itself is stronger and has far more longevity compared to other natural fibres. The finished product results in a softer texture that is beautiful, naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. The knitted bamboo thread is powerfully insulating, which allows for a comfortable sleep in a warm climate.

In conclusion, Fibre 2000 is an innovative company that values producing the best possible quality in anything we produce. Should you require any additional information on our products and services, please contact one of our sales team for assistance.

Some of our Products


Organic Bamboo


Hospitality Range


Medical Range


Mattress & Pillow Protectors

With over 40 years in the industry, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that shines through in the quality and durability of our products