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Some of the single most important moments in our lives, happen at a time when we have no control over what happens with our lives. Just little babies, taking the world as it comes, reacting to everything with new enthusiasm and a keen sense of curiosity to discover.

Safety is a priority...

Well, of course, we’ve grown since then and we’re now the ones making the tough decisions for the ones, playing on our lounge floors, discovering the world we’ve come to understand is not always as safe as we’d like it to be.

This is why we developed the baby range. With our selection of raw material, we were able to create a product that not only feels great to the touch, but has the hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and solvent free properties which would be very useful in a babies environment, because their immune stems are weaker and thus prone infection. Our breathable membrane helps reduce the risk of your little one suffocating on the mattress or pillow.

What products do we offer?

Our baby range is a perfect addition to any nursery.

  • Cot mattress covers

  • Cot waterproof mattress protectors

  • Waterproof pillow protectors

  • Waterproof toweling bibs

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