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A family of four walks through the doors, typical mum and dad tired from their long day of traveling, and trailing behind them are two wonderfully charming children (I'm sure) but their cranky and at that stage of exhausted wakefulness where there will likely demolish anything their path, and the next stop in their journey is one of your hotel rooms...

Creating a Quality Experience

One of the most expensive and important items in a hotel/ BnB room is undoubtedly the bed. Beds are also costly to replace especially when your not in control of any accidents that are bound to happen in high volume hotel rooms. With our highly waterproof mattress and pillow protectors, we can guarantee a complete protective barrier against spills and stains while your guests enjoy their stay and you can be rest assured your establishment's property isn't being ruined in the process.

Running a hotel or a bed and breakfast takes a lot of work and has many factors to consider. Some of the questions we've been asked regarding this are, how well is your product going to withstand our rigorous washing machines and high heat tumble dryers? Well, the simple answer is, due to the fact that we use a HOT melt laminate, the bonding between membrane and fabric is that much stronger, as well as being able to handle the heat of a dryer since the glue and membrane have been through an excess of 200 degrees Celsius. Our membrane its self is a TPU (thermoplastic) and can withstand high temperatures and due to its flexibility and strength, it prevents the laminate from "cracking" after prolonged use.

The difference between Fibre 2000, compared to other brands is that we are NOT JUST suppliers, we are manufacturers, which means there is NO middleman between your brand and our product!

Our in-house design team is equipped to quilt together any ideas you could possibly imagine for your Hotel/Accommodation Brand with the added benefit of having our solvent free waterproofing materials.

With the ability to design and manufacture to your heart's content all under one roof, there is there are no excuses not to work.

Fibre 2000 – Your one-stop textile solution.

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