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Our intricately knitted Fabrics are designed to be comfortable enough for both hot and cold climates while remaining refreshingly subtle, so as not to interfere with your other bed dressing.

Beautifully patterned...

Thanks to the invention of the Jacquard Loom, Textile Knitters are no able to knit far more complex fabric patterns. With regard to this complexity, we would be talking about the difference between geometric patterns vs patterns which feature curves in them.

Jacquard Knits

There are of course different types of knits when it comes to knitting on these machines. The first one would be the Jersey OR Single Knit. It is the simplest knit and has two very distinct sides. The face has vertical ribs while the reverse has horizontal rows. The second knitting pattern is the Double Knit OR the Birds Eye Pattern which creates a criss-cross effect which leaves the fabric looking fairly even.

Needless to say that Fibre 2000 has come a long way since the rise of the Jacquard Loom, all the way to state of the art machinery, equipped to knit the most amazing patterns

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