Mattress & Pillow Protectors

Protection for your Mattress

The only thing more important than the mattress you sleep on is the products you’ll be using to protect that mattress and essentially your well-being in the long run. You see often what people don’t realise is that, while you could be using traditional mattress protectors and sheets, they are probably not going to provide nearly as much protection as a Fibre 2000 mattress protector.

A Wide Range of Fabrics

Unlike many other brands available on the South African market today, Fibre 2000 features a range of fabric options which include:

  • Cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Spun Polyester
  • Texturized Polyester

Our Difference

The difference we’ve made is that we refuse to make use of manufacturing processes which may endanger not only our workers but the end user. Which is why we have chosen to practice a solvent-free manufacturing process that is both formaldehyde and carcinogen free.

For those who have sensitive allergies, we haven’t forgotten about you. Thanks to our Bamboo range, we are able to offer our customers a product which is both hypoallergenic as well as anti-bacterial. In addition, our TPU Ureamax membrane offers a waterproof barrier which will not only protect the mattress but protect those who sleep on it, from whatever “sinister secrets” the mattress might hold (dust mites, bed bugs etc).


Why use Mattress & Pillow Protectors?

Even the most expensive mattresses on the planet are no match for the odours of the average human being. It’s absolutely natural, we all sweat and that’s okay, except when you end up turning your new mattress into something which smells like a locker room!

This is where Mattress and Pillow protection become an absolute necessity. Mattresses and pillows are absolutely in contact with your entire body for most of the evening and the truth is that they need to be protected from, YOU! You’re sweating all over them all night with no remorse and you can’t help yourself. This is why you need to protect them.

Remember, Fibre 2000 has got your back, especially while you’re sleeping on it!

We cater to the mattress to any size and depth required just contact any of our sales team for a quote.

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