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Fibre 2000 is a company that is innovative and constantly searching for more eco-friendly and affordable ways to create a product which not only is of a great quality but is not harmful to the environment.

Our Machines

Our state of the art, computerised machines were specifically designed by us to be able to create superior quality fabrics in the fastest time. 

4 Knitting lines, comprise of the following:

Double Knit Jacquard

Used by bedding manufacturers. We can custom make designs or you can choose from the smorgasbord of patterns we have available, from border fabrics, florals, geometrics to bamboo and aloe vera. We also have a variety of colours we carry to try and keep up with the ever-changing trends. We knit according to the type of yarn and grammage you require eg. Knitted from 150gsm - 400gsm.

Terry Towel

Mainly used in the manufacturing of our Mattress and Pillow protectors. Knitted from 150gsm-250gsm.

Single Jersey Knit

Jersey fabric is commonly used in T-shirts, this fabric is flexible and stretchy. Knitted from 135gsm-180gsm


Often used in winter clothing and athletic garments. Knitted from 180gsm-300gsm

These types fabrics can be custom knitted according to your specifications, ie. grammage you require or the blends of yarn you would like to be used.

We are confident we can help you with all your knitting requirements

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Other Infrastructure


Finishing and Quality Control

Woven Fabric



CMT Department


Laminating & WaterProofing