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At Fibre 2000 we are very proud of our waterproofing process. Unlike many other textile and mattress protector manufacturers, we are the only textile company in South Africa who uses a Hot Melt Laminating process which does not use harmful solvents and carcinogens.

Kind to people & environment

We at Fibre, prefer to keep our process as environmentally friendly as possible, as well as ensuring the safety of our workers who definitely appreciate the fact that we do not use the gaseous harmful chemicals mentioned earlier.

The membrane we have chosen to use, is one which undergoes a lamination process by which the TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) membrane is melded into the fabrics, making a sandwich of waterproofing for both our mattress protectors and our pillows which are not only effective in our hotel range, but in our hospital range as well. Our membrane is quality assured by UREAMAX, the company who designed it, they promise their environmental friendliness as well as longevity as being an age-resistant material backed up by their SGS testing.

We are using a premium waterproofing product which is to be enjoyed by our customers, who will be happy to know that we are still doing our very best to provide them with a NEW level of quality at an old school price.

We are passionate about the quality of our waterproofing

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