What is Quilting?

Quilting is a process by which 3 or more fabrics are taken, placed and then stitched together by our computerized machines.

Patterns and Designs

Once again there many ways to do this type of finishing on a garment which is very interesting. What this process entails at a higher level of expertise, is the integrating of patterns into the quilting of many products, which in turn create a very aesthetically pleasing appeal.

At Fibre 2000 we are using these quilting techniques to sandwich together different fabrics, including jacquard knitted fabric and our waterproofing membrane as well as other microfibres to make superior quality comforters and pillows as well as our Mattress savers.

By using the combination of fabrics, we are achieving key ingredients to create a great quality product, the first of which is exceptional durability, the second being secure waterproofing, and of course last but not least, the comfort of the end user thanks to the considerate planning and production of our products.

We are very proud of our quilting services and the wonderful results we acheive

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